Jewel was started 35 years ago by Phillip Tewel and his mother Zlata. She was a European style cook who brought her skills to the states. Together they serviced the community through Jewish style cooking. Phil was not only a passionate business man but spent all that he had through his philanthropic efforts. He was a tremendous gift to the community as a whole. Once Phil passed away in 2012, the new owner knew that he had large shoes to fill. Avi Rubin took ownership in 2013. With a keen understanding of the food service industry and the clientele that Phil serviced, Avi was looking to not only make Jewel his own but to far exceed expectations. While Phil has always been known as the communities caterer, taking over Jewel has given Avi a chance to take this vision even further. Jewel understands that when they are hired, its not only a catered affair but an event, one to be remembered. The customers experience is paramount. Jewel caters to a wide range of customers, anything from Bat/Bar Mitvahs, Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate events, to small backyard barbecues. Regardless if it is a large institutional dinner, or a dinner for two, Jewel will provide a memorable and delicious experience. In addition to serving the immediate community, Jewel Kosher Catering does events all over the country. Just call and we will be there!

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